Meet Rugged Smartphone

Published time:2014/12/14 11:31:46

Smartphones are all the rage nowadays. They can take photos, run apps, give directions, and much more that was once impossible to do a cell phone. But the smarter and more powerful smartphones get, the more fragile they become, it seems. For example, here's what happens when a top-of-the-line smartphone meets concrete with the aid of gravity

These smartphones, however, are a bit different. They aren't going to wow you with their hardware specs and they're definitely not going to win any beauty awards with their designs. But they will outlive the average smartphone thanks to their rugged construction. They can withstand water and dust damage, drops onto hard surfaces, extreme temperatures, and all kinds of torture tests we can think of. Interested? Then here's a rundown of the most durable smartphones money can buy today:

Rugged Smartphone:

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